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Copper plating

A metal with very high electrical and thermal conductivity. It is very soft and does not corrode. It has a very high melting point. Copper plating is most often used for multi-layer purposes and in the electrical, automotive and food industries. The applied coating is used in our company as a sublayer for copper – nickel, copper-silver, copper-nickel-tin, copper-tin. It has a high gloss, thanks to which our customers use it for decorative elements.
Bathtub dimensions 80/80/30 cm.


Zinc coatings have a wide range of anti-corrosion applications, including: in industry and automotive. We offer hanging and drum galvanizing.

We can galvanize in the following colors:

  • Black
  • White and blue
  • Yellow
  • Olive
  • White

We apply galvanizing to steel, copper, copper derivatives and cast iron. Additionally, ZnAl is added to the drums.

For galvanized details exposed to difficult weather conditions and acidic environments, varnishing, painting or other similar protection of the coating is recommended.

We work with weakly acidic baths. We use chromium (VI)-free coatings. We galvanize details from the smallest to 6.3 m

Bathtub with dimensions 630/80/140 cm

Nickel plating

It is one of the most durable galvanic coatings. Nickel plating is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and corrosion, and is suitable for use in the electrical and electronics industries. Thanks to the high gloss of the nickel coating, it is also used for decorative elements. Galvanization is performed on pendants and drums.

Bathtub dimensions 80/80/30 cm


Silver plating is a noble coating most often used for electrically conductive elements due to its high chemical resistance and high melting point. Also used as decorative elements and in the food industry. We renovate old coatings, tableware and more. We offer silver plating on steel, copper, copper derivatives, stainless and acid-resistant steel. Depending on the customer’s preferences, we can also apply a sublayer.
Bathtub with dimensions of 50/40/40 cm.


Our galvanizing plant also provides tinning services. Tin coatings are most often used in the electrical and food industries. Coating elements with tin prevents corrosion and increases electrical conductivity. Tinning is also used to beautify decorative elements. We offer pendant and drum tinning. Tin is lead-free.
Bathtub dimensions 150/100/55 cm

The remaining

  • transport (Masovian Voivodeship, Warsaw and surroundings),
  • small locksmith services,
  • cooperation with a powder coating shop,
  • cooperation with a sanding company,
  • vibroabrasive machining,
  • dehydrogenation,

Tab 1. Corrosion resistance in a salt spray chamber and conditions of use (source: PN-EN 2081:2011 standard)

  • Partial coating marking
  • Terms of use
  • Duration of the neutral salt spray test h
  • Fe/Zn5/A
  • Improved appearance
  • 48
  • Fe/Zn5/C
  • In dry, warm indoor rooms
  • 72
  • Fe/Zn8/C
  • In closed rooms, in places where steam condensation may occur
  • 120
  • Fe/Zn12/C
  • Outdoors in moderate conditions*
  • 192
  • Fe/Zn25/C
  • Outdoors in severe corrosive conditions, e.g. marine, industrial*
  • 360

Tab 2. Type, appearance and surface density of zinc coatings (source: PN-EN 2081:2011 standard)

  • Type of coating



  • Typical appearance
  • Surface density of the coating pA g/m
  • A
  • Colorless
  • Transparent, colorless with a tint to blue
  • pA ≤ 0,5
  • B*
  • Brightened
  • Transparent, slightly opalescent
  • pA ≤ 1,0
  • C
  • Iridescent
  • Yellow, opalescent
  • 0,5 < pA < 1,5
  • D
  • Matte
  • Olive green
  • pA >1,5
  • F
  • Black
  • Black
  • 0,5 ≤ pA ≤ 1,0

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