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In 1982, Józef Borek opened a plant called “Locksmithing – Galvanizing”. He started production in difficult conditions. The first assortment were glass holders and coasters and rotating ashtrays. Product details are nickel-plated in our own electroplating plant.

After three years of operation, the search began for a new product range that could be produced on the existing machinery and would find customers. In agreement with the Tractor Factory – “URSUS” in Warsaw, the production of spare parts for tractors and agricultural machines was started. The recipients were trading companies – “Agroma”.

The range included plugs and then gunwale clips. In 1989, a great political and economic transformation began. The existing sales markets began to shrink rapidly. The emerging free market changed everything in the current “order”. This also damaged the condition of the well-performing plant. It also coincided with the termination of the business activity of the current owner, Józef Borek (tragic death on July 6, 1991).

From mid-August 1991, Dorota Brzuzy (the deceased’s daughter) continued her activity, without changing the name of the plant – still “Locksmithing – Galvanizing”. Jadwiga Borek – Dorota Brzuza’s mother – works as an attorney in the company. In 1993, Dorota Brzuza’s husband – Witold, opens a galvanizing business in the plant and at that moment both spouses combine their plants into one company under the name ZPUH KETIW SC

They are trying to find a market. Together, they improve and expand existing production, focusing on aesthetics and competitive prices. They are changing the machinery. The above actions bring positive results. In 2001, the owners completely modernized and expanded the buildings in which the company is located and modernized the workplaces and social conditions.

Thanks to this, the number of customers and recipients of the “KETIW” company increases significantly, including: “TRW Steering Systems Poland Sp. z o. o.”, “Daewoo FSO” Warsaw, Zakłady Mechaniczne “URSUS”, agro-industrial wholesalers: “AGRO-RAMI”, “FARMER”, “AGROMA Kalisz”. In 2004, ZPUH KETIW SC implemented the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System, and in 2006, ISO TS.

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